DocuMega Secures & Simplifies

Helping Businesses to Streamline & Collaborate

DocuMega provides businesses and individuals globally with secure and traceable digital document management solutions. Allowing them to execute and collaborate with employees, peers and clients anywhere.

Providing a simple and secure platform for all of your document management needs

♦ DocuMega members can manage their digital documents on the system easily, organize them with folders, see who received the documents, see when agreements were executed and know that every document uploaded to DocuMega is embedded with a digital certificate to help prevent unauthorized changes to a shared document. Utilizing advanced blockchain technology along with proprietary encryption technology allows DocuMega to provide the highest level of security for users data and documents.
♦ In addition DocuMega has to ability to bring enterprise solutions to small and large businesses with a dedicated collaboration platform where employees can manage documents, communicate, share documents, sign off on agreements or orders and more in the securest fashion possible, putting them in control of their data and digital documents.

DocuMega, A Tool That Can Lead to Closing Deals Faster

DocuMega is a powerful tool that allows for various agreements to be digitally executed quickly and securely.
From Real Estate to any type of sales, it is hard enough to close the deal. Worrying about contracts taking days or weeks to sign can be stressful and frustrating for both the rep and the client. Sales reps that use esignature platforms such as DocuMega improve their overall closing rations and performance by 40-50% versus those that don’t use it.
Agreements can be digitally signed on the spot as opposed to the sometimes long waits on both ends. This holds true for any document that needs to be signed quickly, securely and legally.

More features being added to DocuMega soon!

DocuMega is a powerful tool and our team is working feverishly to allow our members to use DocuMega across MegaHoot’s ecosystem such as the VeroHive video conferencing platform and MegaHoot Chathive private messaging system, so they can have a video conference or real-time chat and share and execute secured documents directly from there.