DocuMega Secures & Simplifies

Helping Businesses to Streamline & Collaborate

DocuMega provides businesses and individuals with a path to securely collaborate with peers and clients globally. Giving them the ability to not only digitally sign documents but also to collaborate, communicate and execute across the Megahoot network.

Providing a simple and secure platform for all of your agreement needs and it doesn’t stop there

♦ Not only does DocuMega provide users with a simple and secure platform to execute their documents but via the Megahoot Ecosystem users can store their sensitive documents securely in the Megahoot Vault along with their other digital assets. Utilizing blockchain technology along with proprietary encryption technology allows DocuMega to provide the highest level of security for users data and documents.
♦ In addition DocuMega via the Megahoot ecosystem will have the ability to bring enterprise solutions to small and large businesses with a dedicated collaboration platform where employees can communicate, share documents, sign off on documents and other agreements and also store documents in the securest fashion possible, putting them in control of their data and documents.