What is DocuMega?

DocuMega is a digital document management system that incorporates Advanced Blockchain Technology. The system provides security, end to end encryption, traceability, detailed records of each document uploaded and embeds each upload with a digital certificate to prevent fraud.

DocuMega members can create folders to organize their documents and manage them simply.

Is DocuMega Safe?

YES, DocuMega has incorporated proprietary Advanced Blockchain Technology along with the security protocols, embedded keys within documents and more to provide members with the highest level of enhanced end to end encryption and security.

All documents that are uploaded are secure and embedded with encryption keys which only allow the person that uploaded the document and the people they share it with to view those documents, even DocuMega cannot view the documents. This was designed this way in order to give members the security and comfort they need in a digital document management system.

Is DocuMega Free?


YES, DocuMega has many FREE features for Guest Members but there are many more advanced features and templates for premium Members, Executive Members and Society Members.

What makes DocuMega so much different than most esignature and digital document management platforms is that it is part of the MegaHoot Ecosystem and Guest Members also have access to VeroHive for their video conferencing and recording needs as well as Gaming Platforms that will be introduced soon. Also the Megahoot Vault for safekeeping of various digital assets.

Guest Members enjoy the same security as Premium members and have more features and business tools than most other document management platforms available today.

What are the Membership Levels?

The MegaHoot Ecosystem has membership levels for the entire ecosystem not just DocuMega , so all Premium Members have access to not only DocuMega but also:

  • VeroHive for all of their encrypted video conferencing, recording and broadcasting needs.
  • ZecureHive for Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality Platforms
  • MegaHoot Soapbox for social media and Private Clubs
  • HootDex for decentralized digital asset swapping with MegaHoot Vault access with a digital safety deposit box to hold various digital assets
  • ChatHive for encrypted and decentralized communication
  • Various other platforms in development and so much more.

MegaHoot offers the highest quality, security and privacy for all members across the entire Ecosystem that is cost effective for business and personal use.

Free Members are welcome to use DocuMega for limited digital document management and esignatures.

How do I know who sent me a Document?

You will receive an email from DocuMega and in that email you will see the recipients email or name.

How do I upload a document?

  1. On your dashboard you will see the DOCUMENTS button on the upper right hand corner, click that
  2. Then in the next area if you have a folder already you can double click that if that is where you want the new document to be stored, if not then you can create a folder by clicking the CREATE FOLDER button
  3. Then you will click the NEW FILE button and then press upload
  4. You will be brought to an area where you will enter the file name and then drop your file in the file box then press the UPLOAD FILE button
  5. You have just uploaded your file

How do I sign a Document?

1. Click on the document that you want to sign on your dashboard

2. Click on the SIGN & EDIT button on the upper right hand corner

3. Choose the page you want to sign and then click the SIGNATURE button on top and click on the area of the document you want to place it

4. Make it as big or small as you need it to be and then press the SAVE button on the upper right hand corner

5. You have just signed and saved your document

What else can I do in Sign and Edit?

Lots of things, such as:

1. Sign your document

2. Add your initials to the document

3. Add a stamp

4. Add a text box

5. Add an image, symbol or shape

6. Choose the color and position of your text

7. Add input fields that you can set up such as Name, Number, Address, Email etc

Where can I see who I sent signature requests to?

On the left side panel you will see a link that says SIGNING REQUESTS just click that and you will see all the people you requested to sign your document and the status of the document, whether they signed it or its still pending.

How do I know when someone sent me a document to sign?

You will receive an email but you can always check for new documents that were sent to you in your notifications area, you will find that link on the left side panel and just click NOTIFICATIONS and you will see all documents sent to you.

You can choose to dismiss the notifications once you have seen them or just keep them there for future reference.

Where can I find all of my folders and documents?

That you can find by clicking your DASHBOARD button on the left side panel or clicking your DOCUMENTS button there as well.

Can I make a Template on DocuMega?

YES you sure can

1. Just click on the TEMPLATES button on the left side panel and

2. Click on the NEW TEMPLATE button on the right hand corner

3. Click Upload file

4. Create your file name and then drag and drop your file that will become a new Template

5. When done just double click on the new Template so that you can add your fields and save your Template.

6. Then you can click the MORE button on the right hand corner to Request someone to Sign, Download or Delete the Template.

How do I know that a Document came from DocuMega?

Every document uploaded to DocuMega is embedded with a digital certificate and a document key. if You click on the SIGN-KEY VALIDATOR on the left side panel you will be able to enter the key to verify if a document is a DocuMega document.

This is a security measure that was put in place for the benefit of our members.

Where can I change my profile picture and information?

Click on the SETTINGS button on the left side panel and you can change your profile picture, name, number, address and other information.

As well as retrieve your private key BUT do not share that with anyone as it will give someone access to your account.

How do I add my Physical Signature?

Go to the SETTINGS button on the left side panel and click it.

On your settings area click on signature and just click UPDATE SIGNATURE and upload your signature.

DocuMega’s mobile applications will have the ability to physically sign when launched soon.

How do I change my password?

Go to the SETTINGS button on the left side panel and click it.

On your settings area click on Password and here is where you can change your password.

How do I download a Document?

On your Dashboard you can double click any document there and when it opens up then go to the MORE button on the right hand corner and click on the DOWNLOAD button.

You have just downloaded your document!

Can I just send someone a document without them signing it?

YES you can, DocuMega is a digital document management system and signing documents is only one part of it.

Just click on the document that you want to send and the click on the MORE button on the right hand corner and click on SEND.

There you just need to add your message and the email of the recipient and press SEND FILE.

And that file is sent to the recipient and you will be able to trace it from there on DocuMega.

Is the document I signed via DocuMega binding?

DocuMega does not provide legal advice nor services. If you have any concern as to whether your document, agreement or other contracts are non-binding you must contact an attorney in your area.

Someone stole my identity/used my signature on a document, what do I do?

DocuMega is not able to provide you with any information regarding transactions to which you are not a party, absent a valid and formal legal process. Please obtain the relevant information directly from the DocuMega account holder or through a legal process.  For more information on legal process, please visit DocuMega’s “Law Enforcement Guidelines”

Are digital signatures legal in my Country?

Please visit DocuMega’s eSignature Legal Area. Its important to know that any information shared in the eSignature Legal Area is for general information purposes only and as a courtesy.  DocuMega nor its parent company Megahoot does not guarantee that all information is current or accurate.  It is recommended that you contact an attorney in your area if you require legal advice on any of these matters.

I would like to review or sign a Business Associate Agreement with DocuMega

DocuMega will sign a Business Associate Addendum with Members who are required by law to comply with HIPAA, such as HIPAA Covered Entities and HIPAA Business Associates.

IMPORTANT: This service is only available with certain plans.