DocuMega : The Blockchain enabled Digital Document Management System for Everyone

Close deals faster, Track your documents, Digitally execute documents, Fill in forms, agreements and templates on the fly, Share documents within seconds.
DocuMega is your one stop shop for all your electronic document management needs

Digital Document Management
Secure and Simple Solutions for Global Business

The DocuMega blockchain enabled digital document management system allows its members to save time and money by managing their digital documents securely, quickly, whenever and where ever they are. From creating templates for quick access to uploading, filing out and digitally executing important agreements quickly, DocuMega lets you do that and much more.

Digital Certificates and Time Stamps to Prevent Fraud

All documents that are uploaded are immediately issued a digital certificate so that DocuMega members can verify if a document has been altered or not.

All documents uploaded immediately are timestamped from the time they are uploaded to the time they are shared or a signature is requested to the time the document is executed by the receiving party. The traceability of DocuMega documents makes the platform a favorite of legal, accounting and financial professionals.

Benefits Across Various Industries

Real Estate Professionals benefit from the use of DocuMega, it allows them to fill out documents on the fly, share documents to be executed by multiple parties, upload/share/track important legal documents such as Purchase and Sales Agreements, Assignments, Appraisals and so much more.

Legal Professionals in any area of law, benefit from the use of DocuMega as it allows them to trace each and every document they upload, sign and share. Since it is blockchain enabled it provides immutable time stamped proof that a document was shared, downloaded, executed or other.

Financial and Accounting Professionals benefit from the use of DocuMega as it allows them to share, digitally execute and track all documents that are uploaded by them. It allows them to get sensitive documents digitally executed on the fly, keep track of when documents are downloaded, executed and altered in any way.

DocuMega Here for you Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

DocuMega makes it simple, cost effective and secure for members to manage their documents 24/7. Through the use of advanced blockchain technology and proprietary encryption technology, it makes document management, sharing, execution and storage extremely secure and traceable.

DocuMega and You
Securely electronically sign various documents , store them on DocuMega for easy access and sharing. In the near future you will be able to access, sign and share your documents on the go via the DocuMega Mobile app.
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Share and Collaborate
Small Business solutions for not only digitally executing documents but also storing, sharing and collaborating securely. The privacy and security of your data & documents are at the forefront with DocuMega.
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